" I have suffered with a painful shoulder area that affected my muscles almost the entire left side of my body for over 30 years.  I tried every avenue of relief that I knew available - physiotherapy,acupuncture,chiropractic,massage therapy,IMS.  I would get some relief for a spell,only to have it flare again and again.  This continued until a dear friend recommended Jane and Bowenwork.  I had never heard of Bowen therapy but thought I had nothing to lose.  After only 1 full session and 4 half sessions, one word describes how I feel now - WOW!  I highly recommend this treatment under Jane's skillful hands ".



Colleen Scott

" After months of pain and inability to sit under any circumstances, I finally tried Bowen Therapy. This is after numerous massages, acupuncture, chiropractic, traditional physicians, X-rays and scans and weeks of being flat on my back. My sister had outstanding results from Bowen Therapy and I was well aware how much stronger she had become and yet I was resistant….

However, after beginning  the Bowen treatments I intuitively knew it was the way for me to go. I had 5 treatments and felt progress after each. After a total of 9 Bowen Treatments I no longer had any sensitivity in the L4-L5 area of my back.

I cannot truly express my gratitude to Jane and her knowledge of Bowen Therapy other then to continue with my Thanks and to not forget the maintenance! "


Joyce Leighton


" One year ago, I swore off my western physician when he prescribed my eighth medication for anxiety attacks and allergies. Three months ago, I was experiencing severe neck and shoulder pain to the point that I could not lift my left arm above chest level. I was ready to return to my M.D., steeling myself for hours of expensive diagnostic tests.


Instead, I began receiving weekly Bowen treatments from my aesthetician, Jane Pardy, owner and CEO of Silveraire Bodycare in Palm Springs, CA. Since then, my neck and shoulder have slowly gotten less painful and my range of motion has returned. To my surprise, I also regained feeling in a ten year old mastectomy scar that had left the right side of my back completely numb.


While the therapeutic results are impressive, I most enjoy the deep relaxation the Bowen therapy provides. I am generally in a deep, restful sleep within a few minutes of the first move. It is the most regenerative time of my week ".


Tracey Piper

Palm Springs, CA


" Dear Jane - I need to let you know what great results I had from my first  Bowen

therapy session with you. The day following the treatment I suddenly realized that the miserable discomfort I had been experiencing around the hamstring area of my left leg, had completely disappeared. No pain. All gone! And a week later everything is still fine.


Thank you so much for your skill, your energy and your intuition. It sure worked for me ".


S. Austin

Palm Springs, CA




" I grew up with a family that believed in alternative as well as western medicine.  Therefore in my lifetime I have tried many alternative therapies to try and deal with the residue from 3 car accidents and all the other “little” injuries that have happened within my 60 plus years.  I was introduced to Bowen 1 ½ years ago and have been and continue to be amazed at the results I have experienced.  The other great thing is anyone who I told about Jane Pardy and the Bowen technique and they chose to go also has received huge benefits.  I have not needed the help of other therapies, other then massage and that I choose to continue.  Jane has a gift of knowing where you need the treatment and proceeds to help your body heal itself.

I would highly recommend Jane Pardy and have done so to family and friends ".


Betty Anne Latrace - Henderson / President Airline Hotels